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Ban on Smoking

The regulations for smokers are becoming more and more restricted.  

e-cigar Set

e-cigar Set

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        Chemical substances in the cigarette smoke and advantage of the EMTAC products


There are about 4800 chemical substances in cigarette smoke which are more than 70 substances that are to be classified as carcinogenic. For example chrome, tar, lead, arsenic, prussic acid, nitric oxide, Seveso poison dioxin, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide and the radioactive polonium, are part of these substances.

The quantity of carbon monoxide in the tobacco smoke is the same or even more, than the not detoxified exhaust gases of an automobile with a gas engine.
The person who smokes about ten cigarettes per day for a period of ten years is breathing in about 500 grams of "cigarette tar" during this time period.

These products you can smoke also at places where smoking is already prohibited. They will give a smoker a feeling as if he would smoke a normal cigarette, but the smoker only inhales nicotine and not the carcinogenic toxic substances which are included in conventional tobacco smoke.

Because this way of smoking is far less harmful it is recommendable as a substitute for normal smoking.

Therefore, it is recommended to decide for a EMTAC-product at the same smoke pleasure. This is only one quite important aspect because the human health is the highest good.

More advantages among others are:

-- EMTAC products are permitted everywhere, also in smoke free areas.
-- Clear cost saving in comparison to normal smoking (more than 50%).
-- With the use of these products passive smoking is excluded.
  Therefore, the smoker doesn't need to change his smoking habits.
-- No pollution of the environment by ash and filter.
-- No deodorizing and pollution in rooms.
-- No danger of fire and damages by embers falling down.
-- No annoyance of employees at work.

Saved costs

1 core is equal to about 2 customary packages of cigarettes in North America.
1 core costs approx. 7.50 (CAD), and 2 packages of cigarettes cost approx. 20.00$ Can.
You will have a saving of approx. 12.50 (CAD) compared to normal smoking of cigarettes.

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The new generation :Perfect design and fully developed technology.
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